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Privacy Policy takes the privacy of our users very seriously. We do not require users to provide any personally identifiable information. However, if you decide to use the Contact Us form, you need to provide a name and email address. You don’t have to use your real name. By giving us your email address, you assert that you are at least 13 years of age and that you consent to allow us to send to you, at your provided email address, information regarding your request. Except as necessary for contacting you, your email address will not be shared with or sold to any third party.

We have taken reasonable steps to protect your email address from anyone who is not authorized to have such information. We cannot be held responsible for an unauthorized person illegally obtaining that information. You may request at any time that we permanently delete the email address that we have collected.

Company Policies

Limitation of Liability: Synergy Math will not be liable for any indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages of any character, arising out of or in connection with your Synergy Math class program.

No Guarantee: Synergy Math makes no guarantee of academic improvement. However, if a student works diligently according to the developed course plan, it is expected that improvement will occur.

Payments: Payments can be made monthly or for each session, by personal check or by other payment system that is acceptable to both parties.

Student Responsibilities: To ensure that the student gets the most out of our classes, we expect he/she be prepared for the class. Assignments from previous sessions should be completed and students should have their textbooks and other materials ready at the time of the session.

Communication: We communicate with the parents and the students mostly by email. The financial matters and class schedule considerations will be discussed only with parents.

Class Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel or reschedule a class, please notify us as soon as possible. We prefer that you reschedule rather than cancel. 12 hours advance notification is expected. Notification given less than 12 hours in advance will incur a session fee unless a replacement is found.

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