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Mathematics Instruction

~ Private classes
~ Test preparation
~ Acceleration
~ Self-paced courses

Curriculum Development

~ Customized courses
~ Adaptive learning
~ Math workbooks
~ Reference

Talent Development

~ Talent evaluation
~ Competitive math
~ Talent programs
~ Logical thinking abilities

We can help if your child...

• is not being challenged in the classroom.
• is struggling in math and needs an individual approach.
• is looking to prepare for the next school year in advance.
• needs a remedial course to review previous math subjects.
• is preparing to take PSAT/SAT/ACT.
• is preparing to take SAT subject test math (level 1 or level 2).
• is preparing to take AP Calculus exam (AB/BC).
• is considering acceleration (skipping one or two years).

• is in a competitive math program or planning to join one.
• needs to enhance his/her logical and critical thinking abilities.
• is gifted in math and looking to develop his/her talent further.
• is preparing to apply for a talent program like CTY at JHU.
• is looking to evaluate his/her mathematical abilities.
• is preparing to take SSAT for a private school admission.
• is looking for a self-paced online or offline math course.
• has learning difficulties and needs an individualized approach.

Books by the Author

Written for high school students, this book provides a concise review of the necessary math concepts tested by the SAT. Click to see this book on Amazon.
This workbook contains 1500 English words which are often used in standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, etc. The book is organized as 100 quizzes, where words must be matched with their definitions. Click to see the book on Amazon.