Company // Synergy Math is a proprietorship registered in Massachusetts in 2018

Services // Mathematics instruction; Online courses and classes; Educational consulting; Curriculum development; Test preparation; Talent development.

Mission Statement // Synergy Math has a mission to bring specialized math training to students in engaging and efficient ways that engenders a sense of love and excitement for mathematics and related fields. Coursework is designed to meet specific student’s needs.

Founder // Dr. Martirosyan holds a PhD from the Institute of Physics at the Armenian Academy of Sciences. For more than 20 years his research work has been directed towards studying the nature of earthquakes and the assessment of seismic hazard in Armenia, and later in Alaska at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. During his academic career he authored over 25 scientific publications. From 2009 to 2018 Dr. Martirosyan ran an educational consulting business in Princeton, New Jersey. After moving to Massachusetts in early 2018, he founded Synergy Math proprietorship, focusing on the development of math curriculum and offering teaching and consulting services online.

Location // Boston, MA
Phone // (609) 613-1226
Email // contact @
Skype: art.martirosyan.tutor